verde satinato
lavabo verde satinato
The epitome of luxury in a Badekararmaturting. Beautiful satinated glass, verde, satinated white or satinated blue,, for placement on any surface. 12mm thick, 41cm in diameter X 13.5cm in height. 2 litres in capacity. Comes with servanter i rustfritt stål sieve. The Servant Bad, which are always in stock, can be delivered to you within ten days from order.
Also available, as options for the Servant Bad, are a beautiful Veggmontert support, alternatively, a Veggmontert bracket, og a waste og bottle trap set - below. Back to lavabo page.
lavabo verde Euro270.00 + frakt
lavabo bianco satinato Euro270.00 + frakt
lavabo azzuro satinato Euro270.00 + frakt < input type="hidden" name="product3" value="lavabo dark blue Servant">
Veggmontert support Euro143.00 + frakt
Veggmontert bracket Euro103.00 + frakt
waste + bottle trap set Euro80.00 + frakt

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